Our History

The Southern Arizona Community Church held it’s first service in Green Valley, AZ in 2010. Because we are a “church plant” of the Faith Community Church in Tucson, Pastor Steve and Deborah enjoyed seeing many supporters and friends-almost 70 people in attendance at that first service!

The following Sunday, it got real and a whopping eight people attended the second service. But there was no discouragement as the original large group were all invited personally.

Eight people soon turned into 16 people, 16 into 32. Our small building was bursting at the seams and we had to move to a larger facility.

As a result, our non-denominational, Bible believing, Southern Arizona Community Church remains one of the fastest growing churches in southern Arizona. This has nothing to do with anyone’s talents or abilities, but only because the Lord Himself is blessing our teachings and our efforts.

Join/Visit us!

Join us! Why go to church at all? Well, there are very good reasons to go to church and be connected with a fellow body of Believers. Rather than get into those kinds of details here, we can tell you why you may want to visit our church.

Our goals are simple:

1. Give everyone a reason and an opportunity to understand, learn about, and except Jesus Christ as their Savior.

2. Teach people how to draw closer to God by learning His word, the Bible!

In our short history as a church, these two guiding principles direct everything we do and everything we are trying to accomplish for the Lord. Come and see for yourself!